Lifecoach DXB


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Lifecoachdxb is a Dubai based company specializing in maximizing human potential through individually designing custom made action plans according to every clients own beliefs, values and dreams. The founder Anna Wallenten originates from Stockholm Sweden and she has spent the past 35 years on and off in the Middle East. For the past 13 years she has been based in Dubai and her belief in human potential has evolved into an obsession to get her clients to places they always wanted to go but never thought possible. Anna has worked with clients from cultures all around the world and her academic and life experience assists her in understanding the differences and similarities of humans. Anna is convinced that people come alive when they get to dream big and live life on their own terms and she is determined to get you there!


Lifecoachdxb office:
Phone: +971 52 9221762
Instagram: @lifecoachdxb


Watch Anna in action

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