Here is the new Executive Committee!

The new SBC Executive Committee has been elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the 7th March. Some are faces we know from before and some are new. Pauline Madani, Owner and Managing Director of Nordic Homeworx LLC, Jan-Erik Thorén, Managing Director of Volvo Group Middle East, and Lars Hardeland, Managing Director of GAC Hub Services, were already elected at the AGM 2017 for a mandate period of two years. Bengt Ternström, GHP, was re-elected for another period of two years, and new additions to the Executive Committee are Marcus Ulander, Al Maskari Holding, and Anders Nilsson, Managing Partner at Bird & Bird.

The Executive Committee must according to the Article of Association be between 5-9 people. They will after the AGM constitute and select a president, treasurer and other areas of responsibilities. A proper presentation of them individually will be up on the website shortly, but until then, here they are!


From the left:
Bengt Ternström, Global Health Partner
Jan-Erik Thorén, Volvo Group ME
Anders Nilsson, Bird & Bird
Marcus Ulander, Al Maskari Holding
Pauline Madani, Nordic Homeworx

Missing in the photo is Lars Hardeland, GAC Hub Services.

Ullrika Brandberg