Smørrebrød - Interview with founder Thomas Hoog

Smörrebröd is a one-of-a-kind cafe located in Al Qouz 1and also a grocery store, Scandinavian Gourmet shop distributing the most excellent Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish foods.
With their special niche they’re uniquie in the UAE.

The founder Thomas Höög has a background as a chef, with a passion for the Scandinavian Kitchen.
We have asked founder Tomas Höög a few questions.

Dear Tomas please tell us about yourself, what do you do? 
I’m entrepreneur should I like to say as I have couple of different business, at the moment I concentrate as much I can as owner of SMORREBROD what incl. chef, service, marketing etc. but I also have consulting and trading business what incl. bookkeeping service and business consultancy.

What is the story behind Smorrebrod? When did you start operations here in the UAE?
SMORREBROD – Scandinavian Gourmet Shop start as retailer and wholesaler of Swedish shrimps at 2014, but we start SMORREBROD as concept 2 years back with delivery and catering, and today we also have DINE IN and GROCERY,  

What would you say are the challenges and opportunities for Smorrebrod here?
 The challenges is off course all competitors in this field but that is also the opportunity as we are the only Scandinavian Café/Restaurant in UAE. 

What are your expectations with your Swedish Business Council membership?
To get more contact in Swedish community for both private and business. 

Finally, we´d like to know, what are your favorite things about Dubai and the UAE?
 I have leave 10 years in Dubai, UAE so for me is the opportunity, challenges and weather.   

Lotta Blond